We are the Rocksaholics

Rocksaholics L.L.C. was established in Dallas Texas, U.S.A. in the summer of 2004 by Mohammad Arif Jan & his wife Aisha.

Mohammad Arif Jan, known as Arif Jan was born to a very well respected Pushtoon family of a Pakistani Government Civil Officer, from Sherpao, Charsadda, which is 30 miles from the historic city of Peshawar, Pakistan. Peshawar sits at the gateway to the ancient silk route, close to the border of Afghanistan to it's West, Iran to it's South West, China, to it's North East & India to its South East border..

Arif attended the prestigious Islamia Collage, University of Peshawar & graduated from the North West Frontier Province (N.W.F.P.) University of Engineering & Technology, with a degree in Civil Engineering. However, he decided to go into business for himself & successfully established an Import & Export business in Peshawar. He was also very involved in Trade Body Politics & was an active member of the' Sarhad Chamber of Commerce & Industry ' at Peshawar. In 1997 & 1999 he was the 'Chairman of Exhibitions' of the 'All Pakistan Commercial Exporters Association' sponsored, Pakistan Gem & Mineral Shows, which were held at Peshawar. This is where he met Aisha in 1997, who happened to be a participant at the exhibition.

Arif & Aisha married in 1999 & she changed her name to Aisha Jan from her former name of Aisha Rind, by which she was know to all in the international Gem & Mineral Industry. She was born in Karachi, Pakistan to an English/French father & a Portuguese/Chinese mother. Both her parents were executives in the natural resources industry, in Pakistan. She is also the very proud mother of her son, Adil & daughter, Samina Rind.

Aisha had established Gem Materials Inc. in Florida, USA in 1977. Besides Lapis Lazuli, Tourmalines, Kunzite, Pink Topaz & Aquamarines were some of the  Gem Minerals that was introduced into the USA & European markets from Pakistan & Afghanistan, for the very first time by her company.

In 1984. she relocated her business base from Florida USA to Peshawar, Pakistan & established 'Pak Afghan Gem & Mineral Producers International Organization'. This involved setting up a data base of all who worked in the Gem & Mineral Industry in Pakistan & Afghanistan. She was very active in educating the miners from Afghanistan ( Most of whom were Mujhadeen 'Freedom Fighters' ) & marketed their Gems &  Minerals, to the international markets very successfully. Since this was during the period of the occupation of Afghanistan by the former Soviet Union (1979-1989 )  she was featured on 'The CBS Evening News With Dan Rather' in 1987.

Aisha provided majority of the material for Mr. Gary Bowersox, who was her business client & guest in Peshawar , who wrote the article, 'A Status Report On Gemstones From Afghanistan© 1986 Gemological Institute of America First published in GEMS & GEMOLOGY, Winter, 1985

She has also been featured in a BBC documentary, 'Colors of the Rainbow' & interviewed by Jewelry News Asia in 1998. Since she was in a very much, male dominated society of the historic North West Frontier Province Of Pakistan, being a successful business woman & an Advisor (For the Development of Natural Resources)  to The Minister Of State for Export Promotion, she was featured in several Pakistani Television, News Papers & Magazine Interviews.

Arif's fascination and knowledge in Gems and Minerals grew tremendously, when he and Aisha relocated to the US in 2001. Today, Arif's knowledge and expertise is sought for the Rare Earth Minerals namely, Xenotime, Bastnasite, Anatase, Brookite, Genthalvite & Chondrodite.

Our mission at Rocksaholics is to use our combined experience, expertise & direct supply contacts for you, our valued client. To help source for you, some of the most exquisite, rarest & competitively priced, Gem Crystals & Mineral Specimens, from Pakistan, Afghanistan & Beyond!