Pictures of our Friends & Display at the Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show 2013
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Dr. David London left & Dan Deorge right

Don Doell Jr.

Greg Toomey, Don Doell Sr. & Arif

Don Doell Jr. Arif, Violet Doell & Don Doell Sr.

Maury Destouet, Vicky, Aisha & Brian

Jeremy Horvath & Lynn Webb, friends from Australia

David Welber


David Welber & Bryan Swaboda enjoying the beautiful afternoon in the courtyard of Int'l Fine Mineral Building

A mineral lover is mesmerized by the beauty of the lovely Tri-Color Spodumene "The White Dragon"

Tucson Police officer admiring the beauty of the superb Tri-Color Spodumene "The White Dragon"

Arif, Greg Toomey, Irv Brown, & David Welber

Arif, Greg Toomey, Irv Brown, Bryan Swaboda & David Welber

Irv, Bryan & David

Arif, Greg, Irv Brown

Ginny Toomey

Dr. Richard Rome, Arif & a dealer from Austria

Alex, Philips & Trevor ..... Our Aussie friends

Christian, Philips & Arif

Denise,  Arif & Philips


Katya & Jolyon of

Loren, Eddie & David

Edward, Dr. Rome, Judy Rome & Arif

Edward, Aisha & Dr. Rome

Edward, Aisha, Dr. Rome & Judy Rome

Eddie & Adena

Adena & Eddie

Adena, Eddie & Arif

Jerry Savage & His Uncle

Roger, His friend & jerry

Jerry with uncles & Cusin

Philips, Roger's friend & Roger himself

The fluorescent mineral collectors. Glen to the right

Cowboy Mineral Collector & his Cowgirl daughter