Some of the most beautiful Gemstone & Mineral treasures are found in Pakistan & Afghanistan.

Although until only recently these treasures have been recognized in the international markets of the world, Gemstones & Minerals from these Areas have been marketed to collectors, Jewelers & hobbyist, since the early 70s. Mostly misrepresented from their actual origins, for reasons only well known to those who did the misrepresentations, thankfully this is no more the status quo.

Exquisite, pristine well formed crystals of Tourmalines, in various shades of greens, pinks, blues, yellows & the equally various combinations of the bi & tri colors, excel in quality in every respect, compare to any other location in the world. Whether it is a single crystal or several crystals on the matrix with various combinations, makes it truly every collector's dream to acquire. Beautiful Kunzites, Hiddenites & Triphane from the Spodumene family of minerals are very much in demand today, despite the gripe that it is a difficult Gemstone to cut & polish, there just is not enough material to fulfill the demand. Large icy pure blue crystals of Aquamarines, the peach /pink pretty colors of Morganites & Topaz & the various hues of reds & oranges of Garnets, browns, greens & reds of Epidotes are some of the gems found in the huge Pegmatite veins, that crisscross some of the highest majestic mountains of the world.

The rare pink Topaz, in hues from pastel pinks to deep strawberry pinks are mined closer to sea level. Presently this is the only mine in the world that produces these unique colors. The recent find, of the clean rich green & unusually large sizes of Peridot crystals is another jewel in the crown of this area. The royal blue of Lapis Lazuli which was once supplied to the Pharos of Egypt 1000s of years ago, still adorn us today & it is still acquired from the same mine. There is no shortage of precious Gemstones either. Rubies, whose color, clarity & sizes out shine their counter parts from Burma. Emeralds, that do the same with materials from Columbia, Africa or any other origin.

Besides the above mentioned Gem materials there are several other types of minerals that are found in this area, e.g. large, clean well formed crystals of clear, smoky & Fadden Quartz. Various shades of green Serpentine Jade, Jaspers, Agates, Magnetite, Fluorites in various beautiful colors, Hikmanites, Kyanites and the various forms of Micas e.g. Muscovites & Lepidolites, just to name a few. No doubt this part of the world is truly blessed with a huge treasure trove. It will be an honor & privilege for us to provide you with these fine Gem materials, at very competitive prices & all guaranteed to be 100% natural, just as nature created  it.